Cosa ci è rimasti; Serena Ferrario, 05. — 07. Juli 2019

Cosa ci è rimasto - What is it that remains - With this question or sentence as title, the exhibition of the 1986 born Artist Serena Ferrario provides both, references to its content as well as to formal aspects of her artistic work. Found Objects, like ready-mades, are combined with collages, drawings and videos to spatial installations, which can be read with the question of identity-creating moments in both, an individual biography and collective history. Formally, individual works by Serena Ferrario are often reused and thus get their own work biography. Past installations find their way into videos, remnants of material from the creative process become new works, the collages and drawings are put into new contexts and presented to the visitor again and again. The result is a dense memory cosmos in which the artist moves as much as her audience.