Communication; Volker Behrend Peters, 26. — 28. Oktober 2018

Due to their very special appearance, the works of the Munich based artist, Volker Behrend Peters, are dealing with different canonical concepts, not clearly to be named as objects, as frottage or as painting. They seem to be an abstract color landscape, consistently denying a concrete pictorial object. The works seem like broken by a coarser, sometimes finer grain. The results are organic-seeming color gradients, which are distributed in small pieces across the canvas in a precise grid and are permeated by linear obscurations. Formed structures arise hereby either in the background through compositional work, or - in the foreground by the materiality of the used paraffin. Colors, although partially unbroken and in strong contrast with visible lower layers of the image, is given a soft, organic-like luminosity by the slightly transparent paraffin.